Wednesday, January 26, 2011

state of the union

my house of representatives rep from LA:

my house of rep from irvine:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

endless winter

by the time i got to south africa, it was winter time there (southern hemi). kinda shitty that it had to be so cold for our surf trip. there is that surf movie "endless summer" where they try to leave cali during the winter in search of waves.

they went to africa during the right time.

this perfect wave clip is probably the one that surfers remember the most, because it's such a dream.

according to comments: they developed those sand dunes into a little town, developed the beach, and ruined the break.

now, there's still a break there, but it's not perfect. nor is it sandy on the bottom.

it is rocky and has sea urchins. but still, it works. i probably got my biggest and best wave of all time there.

also saw a giant pod of dolphins (about 40) pass underneath me as i was waiting in the lineup. it was in about 6 feet of water. amazing. something i'll never forget.

another amazing thing i'll never forget? the giant turd cloud that drifted over. clear skies, then this big long sausage of a cloud drifting over us. so spooky.


there was also a nearby penguin rescue.

new blog!

hilarious screenwriting and pole dance performing (think dance artistry, not stripping) friend bianca has a new blog.

check it out.

i'm also a big fan of her twitter feed. here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

jeffrey's bay!

so from port elizabeth jL and i decided to take a little surf trip down to jeffrey's bay, the legendary site of supertubes.

we have heard a million stories about how "sharky" it is in south africa. durban was so sharky that they have nets positioned outside the beaches protecting them from sharks. so we were a little wary of heading out somewhere without the protective nets.

we asked around at the surf shops: "no, no sharks here, bru." btw, "bru" = "bro." we went down to the water to check out the breaks. we found this:

the most famous break at jeffrey's bay, and maybe the most famous right handed point break in the world, is supertubes.

this is what it looks like:

now you might be thinking, "jk, that is amazing! did you go out and surf in that?" of course not! do i look crazy? those guys are professional surfers. the reason this wave barrels so well is because there is a rocky reef that comes out from the shore, which pushes all the water up into the wave. also, please not how fast the water is moving. it's crazy.

this means, that if you are on the wave, you are surfing on top of about 3 feet of water. that means if you fall off, you are falling into about 3 feet of water on top of rocks. which is fucking scary.

i did, however, surf at some of the other spots down from supertubes which weren't so crazy, including the point and windows.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

korea is out!

so korea lost to uruguay and we had a week to kill in port elizabeth and thereabouts. we went surfing a few times, and it was pretty weak. and our surfing abilities were also, pretty weak.

we went on some minor hikes in tide pools and coastal areas.

and hung out at a guest house run by some dutch exchange students doing an "internship." they loved playing FIFA on the PS2 and rooting for the dutch nat'l team.

port elizabeth also had this awesomely cheesy light display near the beach.

Monday, January 10, 2011


via the kid

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my dream last night

i was in a movie or maybe it was my life. i was either the actor in a movie and all this stuff was happening, or this was the real life thing that a movie was going to be based of off. either way, my sister (older) was maggie gyllenhall.

there was a serial killer who had a pistol w/ a silencer. he wanted to kill a bunch of people in one place. my whole family (parents and one sister) were in that place. we caught wind of it, and me and my sister (maggie gyllenhall) made a run for it. we saw this guy kill a few people, including our parents, and we jumped out a window (of what seemed to be a very high-tech treehouse).

as we jumped out the window, the serial killer (played by a lithgow/malkovich type) shoots at me and maggie. he gets me, but misses her. i'm shot in the stomach and somewhere in my head. my stomach hurts a bunch and for some reason for the rest of the dream, i can't talk. i can only make grunting and screaming noises. no words.

the evil villain starts stalking us, since we're the only ones he hasn't finished off. i/we start seeing him everywhere. but it's too public. he's just terrorizing us psychologically. every time i see him, i just put up both middle fingers (i am possibly in a wheelchair), and put them in his general direction.

my sister (maggie gyllyenhall) generally ends up screaming hysterically "that's him! that's the guy who killed my parents! he's trying to kill me!" and the guy just stands there and stares at us as we run away.

the interactions are pretty crazy, like we'll be on the subway, and as the doors close, he'll tap on the window we're next to and just smile at us. to let us know he knows who we are, who knows where we are, and he could kill us at any time.

in the end, he tries to kill us, but maggie ends up stabbing him or something. we try to get the cops involved, and i think we become minor local celebrities for being stalked by this guy, but just like a REAL (fake) movie, the cops get distracted at the crucial moment, and the heroine is left to defend herself. maggie either shoots him or stabs him. i can't remember which one.

it was a pretty intense dream, but the whole time i remember knowing that it's all just a movie, and the name of the movie is ASSASSIN. i looked it up on IMDB this morning half-expecting it to be there, but it wasn't.

Monday, January 3, 2011

alaia surfboards

i know these have been hyped for a few years, but alaia surfboards look so much fun.

the match

chilling w/ uruguay fans!

korean nat'l anthem!

beautiful stadium in the rain.

my favorite stadium. aesthetically, cloudlike and awesome.

korea lost a heartbreaker!

then ghana beat the U.S. double sad!

took this photo of the partying south african (white guy) on tv rooting on ghana.

happy new year!

happy new year! the world cup blogging continues!!!

here's a video showing me in the airport in jozi. on my way to port elizabeth.