Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hot dog

awesome nytimes article and slideshow of the evolution of the hotdog vendor in nyc.

Monday, August 8, 2011

that rascal

i was going to post a photo of my franken-foot stitches, but opted against it.

i don't know why i thought surgery would be a piece of cake. but i did.

recovery is a few weeks.

i've got a walking boot these days (still using w/ crutches), but i've also gone to using the scooters when i go to stores.

wish it didn't beep so loud when i backed up.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sympathy or no?

for the past week i've been on crutches.

when i was a kid i always sort of wished i had crutches.

now i know. crutches suck. 1 leg, no arms.

most difficult task: getting myself a glass of water.

photo: me, bandaged up leg, ice pack on site of surgically sealed wound.

Friday, July 29, 2011


that stands for u.s. men's national team. as in football. as in soccer.

we just got jurgen klinsmann as our coach, which makes sense. he's a big name. he lives in the u.s. and he's probably the best guy we'd ever get to coach the u.s. team. every other major coach knows that this is a shitty job.

why? b/c this is the u.s. and we expect to win everything. even when u.s. soccer has less money, less fans, and let's face it, worse athletes than the best teams worldwide. but what if we didn't?

what if the best u.s. athletes went to play soccer like they do in europe and south america? what if instead of being lured by money and the chance to make a living playing professional sports in the u.s. these guys went to soccer instead of other sports as young kids, developing their skills all the way? what do you need? speed, agility, footwork, coordination.

my dream team starting XI of american players that play other sports, that would have made great soccer players, w/ help from felix:

GK: tom brady (iker casillas), dwight howard (tim howard), lebron james (dida), peyton manning (manuel neuer)

RB: curtis granderson (sergio ramos), michael vick (glen johnson)
CB: matt kemp (rio ferdinand), ray lewis (john terry)
CB: clay matthews (carles puyol), josh hamilton (jamie carragher)
LB: darelle revis (ashley cole)

DM: troy polamalu (javier mascherano), adrian peterson (edgar davids)

RW: russell westbrook (lio messi), desean jackson (mesut ozil)
AM: derrick rose (xavi), chris paul (iniesta), drew brees (xabi alonso)
LW: reggie wayne (arjen robben)

ST: brian urlacher (eric cantona), chris johnson (wayne rooney)
ST: dwayne wade (david villa), kobe bryant (miroslav klose)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

top 5 least favorite smurfs

i love the smurfs. but in anticipation of the new smurfs movie, i shall hereby list my least favorite smurfs of all time--based on my memories of watching the cartoon.

5. vanity smurf

little did i realize when i was younger that this guy was basically "gay smurf." the overaffected voice, the flower in the beret, and looking at himself in the mirror all the time.

4. clumsy smurf

hilariously, this was basically "hick smurf." southern accent, couldn't do anything right. why did the other smurfs ever trust this guy with anything? i was waiting every episode for them to do the village a favor and just kill him.

3. brainy smurf

just looking at this guy's face, you can hear it: "papa smurf always says..."

2. smurfette

cried too damn much.

1. papa smurf

paternalistic megalomaniac in red tights.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

clean up your act

but save the tiger suit.

best wishes, david wu.

article 1

summer of the stingray

here's a photo of the bottom of my foot the day after the stingray sting.

the bruising went away, but my foot turned into this:

some random thoughts this has brought me to:

-thank god for summer vacation.
-R.I.P. steve irwin

-back in the day, i probably would've gotten gangrene and just died from this.

Monday, February 28, 2011

to paraphrase jarvis cocker

this is hardcore

stollen from my friend's fb page.