Tuesday, October 28, 2008


this is a classic. and i forgot it existed.

Monday, October 27, 2008

there was a wedding in mexico.

it went like this:

Friday, October 24, 2008


there is a short list of bands that i love and hold near and dear to my heart, but that i do not go see perform live anymore b/c i can't handle seeing a band that was so awesome be such utter crap.

i'd say the band with the biggest ratio of awesome in early career, crap in late career has to be modest mouse.

ANYWAYS, before a i go on a rant, i saw stereolab tonight. it was on a whim. my friend works for their label. it was free. and what can i say, i love them. however the last time i saw them, the show sucked and i decided i would never see them again. i told her, "dude, they are a top ten band of mine, but it's too painful to see them without mary, and it's too painful to see them not play their hits." well, they played the hits. big time. or at least enough for me to spazz out. i still can't believe how hot laetitia still is. STILL! working it.

we did a bit of eye contact when i looked at her quizically as she made animal noises and we both cracked up. it was awesome!!

but it made me wonder, who are my top ten bands of all time? (kind of appropriate too, since i watched HIGH FIDELITY this past wknd).

well, according to iTunes, here are my top 10 bands by MB of music owned (and purchased personally, rather than DLed from friends).

1. pavement + stephen malkmus = 345 songs, 18.9 hours, and 1287.4 MB
2. liz phair = 232 songs, 13 hours, and 978.3 MB
3. stereolab = 172 songs, 13.4 hours, 939.4 MB (weirdly, less MB than liz phair, more hours)
4. superchunk = 143 songs, 8.7 hours, 600.4 MB
5. mariah carey = 118 songs, 8.1 hours, 565 MB
6. bright eyes + conor + desparacidos = 108 songs, 8.3 hours, 545.5 MB
7. belle and sebastian = 102 songs, 6.8 hours, 473 MB
8. of montreal = 135 songs, 6.4 hours, 445.3 MB
9. beatles = 128 songs, 6.1 hours, 405.4 MB
10 mozzer/smiths = 161 songs, 9.6 hours, 669.6 MB (but alot of the mozzer solo i got from a friend, i still think my moz + smiths collection would've cracked the top ten.

honorable mention: beck, modest mouse, alkaline trio, velvet underground, pulp, and the promise ring. also wu-tang clan (probably if i added up all the solo stuff with group records it would be close to cracking the top ten).

by no means, is this my personal (like adding EMO to the equation) top ten, but it's pretty close.

sometimes you look at a gift registry

and you see thes $150 knives and you wonder who the hell your friends think they are.

but then you get a shun knife and you know:

mine is going to be cutting up some ribs and pork this wknd. going big with the smoker.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

question of the day

could i get away with wearing this shoe to work?

Monday, October 20, 2008

this weekend in text messages:

i made these che t-shirts with my face on them for my 30th birthday:

got a message from the david from nyc:

"wore your t-shirt to a chinese restaurant tonight. they adored me."

the rest of arizona

drove from grand canyon to flagstaff.

little colorado gorge:

wupatki native ruins:

ephedra weed in abundance:

chew on it and it'll clear your sinuses and give you a boost.

sedona was my favorite part of the trip.

bought a crystal.

had some wheatgrass:

vibed out at energy vortexes:

vibez were insane.

what i'm going to be for halloween


Friday, October 17, 2008

down and back again

i'll put this up there with doing the running of the bulls:

i hiked down the south rim of the grand canyon in back in one day. the guy at REI said not to do it. my friend that went to NAU said not to do it. all the guidebooks say not to do it. there are multiple signs along the trail saying not to do it. people have died attempting it.

we didn't set out planning to do it. we were going to go down bright angel trail to plateau point. but we decided to keep going down further. finally, we got to this gnarly switchback country and we asked some people going back up how far to the river; they said one hour and we decided that since it was only 12:00, we had to go all the way down.

we hadn't planned appropriately. we had no gu. we had no gatorade.

salt + potassium = electrolytes.

pringles + bananas!!!


the river was so cool and refreshing. very muddy b/c they had just released water upstream at the dam.

if you make it to the bottom, i definitely suggest that you sit on the beach and dip your feet in for a good 1/2 hour while eating lunch.

death warning:

we made a series of AMERICAN IDOL style videos to document our climb out (just in case we died) but i don't know if i'll ever post those. they're pretty funny, but need to be edited.

Friday, October 10, 2008

let's go!

i saw rancid too this past week. it was throwback time around these parts. rancid and mxpx one night and liz phair the next. one thing's for sure: the bands that i liked alot in high school have gotten really old. tim just doesn't bounce around stage like he used to.

ANYWAYS, i was getting depressed about the election so i decided to do something about it.

that's me for this wknd. hopefully i'll win some money playing blackjack too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the liz we fell in love with

i saw liz phair monday night play EXILE IN GUYVILLE in its entirety. it was good. she tried to re-create each song w/ the spare instrumentation that it was recorded with.

but it only highlighted that she's just not the liz everyone fell in love with back in 1993. here's some vintage clips from that era:

6'1" unplugged on 120 minutes:

never said, same program:

oh my god on squirt tv:

alice springs on GMA:

Monday, October 6, 2008

grand canyon, animals

babiest toads in the world:

chubby squirrels:

blue heron:



the coyote was my favorite. he acted just like the cartoon coyote. i stuck my hand out to him, and he thought i was going to give him food, so he wags his tongue out of his mouth. it went from the left side, swooped down and all the way back around like hands of a clock. it was the funniest thing.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

question of the day

dudez, how crazy is politix?

check this story from the nytimes political blog talking about how far obama canvassers are going to win nevada. what do you do when you encounter a racist person? use racist reasons to vote for obama!

the realness:


Mrs. Mendive: “Oh, don’t I know it.” She paused.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m prejudiced,” she continued. “I’ve never been around a lot of black people before. I just worry that they’re nice to your face but then when they get around their own people you just have to worry about what they’re going to do to you.”

Ms. Vance skipped no beats. “One thing you have to remember is that Obama, he’s half white and he was raised by his white mother. So his views are more white than black really.” Ms. Mendive looked tentative. “Well, that’s true.” Ms. Vance said she was so used to looking at Mr. Obama, “I don’t see the color of his face anymore.”


qotd: how would you feel if you had to do that to get your candidate the win? do the ends justify the means? b/c clearly, you're not going to get these ideas out of her head that she can't trust black people.

also, pitchfork reports that mccain's daughter has a blog and she recommends notoriously marxist stereolab song ping pong as her song of the day.

they ask if she knows what she's doing....which i'd have to say yes to, since she's a 2007 columbia art history grad. she probably reads pitchfork too.

hate to say that i was then drawn to her blog and perused her playlists. she's got pretty good taste in music. thankfully, no pavement. yet. i wonder how it feels to listen to music made by people that are out there campaigning against your dad or think he's an asshole (arcade fire, dixie chicks, fugazi). obviously, she doesn't take it too personal. you know, i still like ice cube even though he hates koreans.

let's bounce

gummi bears in lethal danger of getting eaten by europeans. chillaxing at the grand canyon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

pictures of the sun setting

people love to watch the sunset and take pictures of it. i don't know how many of the same sunset photos i have. i got a lot. here's some from labor day.


griffith park.

same, album cover.