Thursday, October 14, 2010

biggest trip blunder

ADDENDUM: we clearly should have gone to soweto on this day.


youth day is a national holiday in south africa. it marks the day that a bunch of school children in soweto (southwest township--townships are the shanties where blacks had to live under apartheid) walked out of class to protest that they were being taught in afrikaans (aka antiquated dutch).

since none of the kids could actually speak dutch, they never learned anything. they walked out of class and were confronted by riot police. this happened all over south africa at different times, but youth day commemorates when riot police shot a grade school student in soweto.

of course, with the world cup in town, soweto (now a bustling suburb/city in and of itself, more so than before) became the focus of the world's attention and there were celebrations all over soweto.

LIKE TOTAL IDIOTS me and jL forgot about youth day and tried to go to a congolese market in downtown jozi. TREMENDOUS BLUNDER. as a national holiday, the market was closed. nothing was open. it was a ghost town.

even the mall was barely packed, but there was this cool installation made of soccer balls.

eventually we found a market that was open (though not the congolese one), and jL was able to buy this south korea hat. we had more matches to go to.

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